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Raider Logistics was founded in 2001 in Caledon, Ontario. We have developed a strong transport network and managed to become one of the leading trucking companies in GTA (Greater Toronto Area). After reaching goal after goal in the trucking industry, we expanded our firm by incorporating Flatbed Truck, Fast Delivery, LTL and Team Loads services. With that expansion, we ensured our clients finally have a trucking company in Mississauga that can connect them to the entire Canada.

Our team consists of highly professional management team, customer support and experienced drivers with impeccable reputation. We operate top-quality and FlatBed trucks that demonstrated extreme safety and efficacy as our principal vehicles.

We selected the best, most innovative equipment that meets the highest criteria of our clients. As consistency is one of our top priorities, all the vehicles and machines we own have a regular maintenance and review under strict rules and regulations that ensure a continuous excellent performance and prevent any potential mistake, malfunction or misuse.

Our drivers went through long operations before being hired. Only the ones that completed all of our requirements were accepted as the members of our firm. We only consider applicants that match our criteria and the ambitious philosophy of Raider Logistics. Apart from providing their impressive CVs and certifications, we demand advanced health and drug test results that confirm each one of them is in a good health condition and drug free. They regularly go through these procedures and we are instantly notified in case any health issue appears amongst them.

Another significant factor our drivers must possess is kindness. As one of the leading trucking companies in Mississauga, we feel responsible to represent the whole GTA in the best possible manner. Therefore, our team members are always friendly and do their best to meet all the needs of our clients.

Raider Logistics is not just another trucking company Brampton has. We aimed to provide unique transport services that our clients will demand repeatedly and that is what we accomplished.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that the real profit comes from regular customers, not only the ones that buy or use their services once. We built a strong relationship with our clients in Mississauga and the whole GTA by offering a different, friendly approach and outstanding services. We do not make promises, instead, we gain their trust and respect through our hard work and loyalty. Once the load is prepared by our client, we ensure it arrives intact to the final destination, regardless of its distance, material or size of the cargo.

In contrary to many trucking companies in Mississauga, we pay special attention to the speed of our deliveries. Knowing that our clients are waiting for their freight and delaying its transport is something our company strongly opposes to. We deliver loads in the range of 300 miles from our warehouse within the same day and 500 miles in only 2 days. We also do LTL Loads and Team Loads, which our customers seem to be extremely satisfied with.

Identically to all the aspects of our business, we introduced high-tech features into our parking sector by incorporating a PTC Scan Yard, meant for a safer parking of loads and trucks, amongst several advanced tools that assist our drivers and clients during different activities.

We are more than content to work with new clients and demonstrate the quality of our services in practice, not only theory. You are welcome to contact us right now and get the best, fastest and most efficient delivery of your loads.

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